Monday, November 30, 2009

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (November 2009)

It's our 1st trip with husband's side. Previous trips were only with Ibu but this time most of the clan joined the trip (minus Shida who's at home and Dilla who's in Belgium). It was just a short trip though, a weekend gateway to the Thistle Port Dickson Resort.
This is a new hotel in PD, which took over Guoman. There's nothing hype about this new 5-star hotel. Considering that it has just went though refurbishment, it should at least looks 'new' in most angles. However I think the only thing that stands out is the lobby area. The rooms however are still using the old fittings. The check in and check out process is rather slow. Probably the only good thing about this new hotel is the facilities that it provides like huge swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis, pool table, foosball, kids room, etc. I would say the best hotel we’ve stayed so far in PD is still The Avillion.

P/s It's our 1st trip of having everybody together but we forgot to take pictures with everybody in it, aiya! Frustrated! Frustrated! :(

View from the 6th floor.

View of the hotel from the beach.

Saying HI from the Thistle PD Resort.


Oyis said...

wah best nya jalan2 Mas... itu hari gi cameron, now gi PD, you are sooo lucky! i feel like we need a holiday too (yg bkn pegi balik hari jek), but of course, time and money is always an issue!

sesekali unwind mesti syok kan!!! *sigh dgn penuh kejelesan*

MRM said...

God is fair, everybody is lucky in one way or another la Noris :)

Betul! Betul! Bila stress and sesekali unwind, the feeling mmg best, especially kalau the trip is an ad hoc one, lagi ler best nikmatnya :P

Ya seriously, you guys should grab the opportunity while you guys are still there tau! Once dah balik sini maybe lagi susah nak sampai ke sana (coz once dah kerja nanti lagi la tarak time, and nak gi sana from M'sia lagi la costly, times 5.6!, sigh...)

Alfian_Troxion said...

ko mmg leh jadik reference kalau aku nak jalan dalam negara sendiri. setakat ni yg aku penah pegi (dan ingat)... hanya la Langkawi... dan... dan... Penang! hahahaha! tu pon sbb phd kat sini :P