Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cherating (September 2006)

Went to Cherating again to run from the bustling city. It's always nice to be somewhere near the beach. The breeze, the peacefulness, that what makes we want to come here again.

Both of us look a bit over 'healthy' lah :P

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Terengganu (May 2006)

What I like about this place is one, it has a lot of delicious food and second, it feels so calm due to its beaches. It's actually one of my favourite state (don't know for what reason but I used to wanna having my car with Terengganu's number plate, weird huh).

The beach

Kenyir Dam

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fraser's Hill (April 2006)

We used to go to this place quite often when my dad was still working with U*A because U*A has a beautiful bangalow there and my dad loves to play golf in Fraser's Hill. So while he was playing golf, we get to go wander around Fraser's Hill (as if there's much to see, he he) or just spend the time at the bangalow itself, enjoying the cold breeze.

Time has passed, my dad has retired from his job and we don't go there anymore. Only until April 2006, we thought of visiting Fraser's Hill again, just to see how the place now, looks like.

Well, I would say, the place doesn't change for the better. Most of the things there are not well maintained. I see less and less tourist coming to Fraser's Hill. Even I myself is not too sure whether will I be coming here again in future if nothing is being done to this place. I hope the authority will do something to revive the place as a tourist spot again.

Having lunch at one of the shop shown below

Fraser's Hill town

The famous clock. It's been there like forever

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cherating (January 2006)

This is one of the place that we like to go for holiday. The place is very simple and not too crowded. Most of the time, we stayed at the Legend Resort. However, we thought of giving Club Med Cherating a try one day. Will definitely write an entry on that if we happen to go there in future :)


Lying lazily at the beach, what a perfect de-stress therapy huh