Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terengganu (June 2009)

Went to Terengganu for a short trip with the whole lot. My…my…Terengganu is still scenic as always! We stayed at my BIL’s house there so no review on any hotels this time :). It was very fun, with lots of shopping around and of course, the food, they were grrreatttt! I even have my very own favourite stall in Terengganu now where I had the most delicious nasi air I’ve tasted. Can’t remember the name but I have included it in our GPS’s favourite list. It’ll definitely be a regular stop whenever I go to Terengganu after this! ((Hmmm, it just crossed my mind, have I ever said any bad reviews on food before? :D)

Well, however, apart from the great food and the lovely ambience, I would say the best thing was having almost everybody there together on a same trip! There were many havoc and lively moments created by different people, which you totally can’t experience it when going on a trip alone or duo. THAT..what makes this trip special in its own way and definitely something worth to be remembered :)

Fun time at the beach with the family

Happy faces of people having a grrreat time!

a MUST thing at the beach: burying someone up to her neck in the sand :)

A trip to Terengganu wouldn't be complete without bringing home some batik as souvenirs

I'm smilling because: Yeyyy, I finally got my batik!
Hubby's smilling because: Yeyyy, she finally got hers, so I can call it a day!