Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cameron Highland (November 2007)

The place doesn't change that much. It's not that cold anymore but not that hot either. If you are the type who just like to spent time in the room then I would say it's a good place to go but if you are the type who likes to visit places, then nothing much can be done here (speaking of that, we stayed at Strawberry Park but I don't find the room that good anymore, it used to be better couple of years ago. Any suggestion on good hotels there is very much appreciated!). Hmmm, when is our next trip to Cameron Highland? Ummmm, hard to say but one thing for sure, it wouldn't be that soon, nahhhhh.

Boh Tea Centre

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Putrajaya (November 2007)

Weekend gateway @ Putrajaya Shangri-La. Hubby got a strategy retreat there and as usual me being a 'good wife', accompanied him there for the night (actually it's more of because I wanted to try the stylish hotel, who would want to let the opportunity goes by just like that eh :P )