Saturday, August 1, 2009

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (July 2009)

Still remember we once said that we wanted to pay a visit to Avillion Port Dickson one day? (Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (December 2008)).Well, recently we did actually. In fact it was a double trip to the hotel, trying out different types of room on each stay! :P

Well, I would say Avillion PD is far better than Legend Water Chalets in almost everything, be it the hotel rooms, bathrooms, facilities (24 hours pools, no kidding!), ambience, and even location. I think once a person has been to Avillion, they won’t go to Legend anymore, unless of course they somehow had a bad experience with Avillion, he he he. In terms of the price, I think the rates is not that much difference, probably Legend is cheaper by RM100 or so. So if you can afford it, I would say add up a little bit more and give Avillion a try instead.

As for the room, they are offering three different types of chalets (they even have water villas too if you’re coming in a slightly bigger family). We’ve tried two of the chalets, which are the garden and the premium water chalets. I think each of these rooms has its own specialty.

We first tried the garden chalet. It was indeed a beautiful room! We totally love the room setting, the HUGE bathroom, the complete toiletries that comes together in each room…he he, and the location of the garden chalet building itself. It’s nearer to the main building (where most of the outdoor facilities, games, pool, etc located) compared to the water chalets.

As for the premium water chalets, well the first impression we had was not as good as the garden one. One thing is because the location is quite far away from the main building / area. It’s kind of secluded (duh…that’s the reason why it’s so popular among the lovebirds anyway: P). The room also looks slightly smaller, probably due to the way it’s being designed. Unlike the garden chalets, the water chalets have an open shower concept (but I think I still prefer the HUGE garden chalet’s bathroom although it’s a close shower concept). But one great thing about the premium water chalets is its spacious balcony, overlooking the Straits of Malacca, which you can’t experience it if you were to stay at the garden chalets.

So, the questions now are:

Will we ever go to Avillion again in the coming future?

A big YES to that, due to its great hotel + distance from Klang valley, make it a perfect and convenient place for weekend gateways.

Which room will we stay?

Probably a mixture of both coz hubby seems to like the spacious garden chalet’s room and bathroom + location near to main building and we also had a great time at the water chalet’s balcony, enjoying the view of the vast sea while reading a book, and fishing till midnight while playing card games…aaah heaven.....But sadly to say, we didn’t able to catch even one fish, not even baby crab / baby fish, blame it on the polluted sea, LoL!

Till then...enjoy YOUR trip to Avillion PD yah! :)