Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Zealand (June 2008)

We have been planning to go to New Zealand for quite some time but haven't had the opportunity to do so up until now. In June 2008, finally we are able to set foot in this country known for its breathtaking scenery. We went to both South Island and the North Island but spent most of our time in the South Island (only went to Auckland in the North). We did the right thing as most of the beautiful scenery and places are indeed in the South Island (Queenstown is so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and it is a must to visit this place if you are planning to go to New Zealand). We started off with Queenstown and drove towards Christchurch (We flew from KL to Auckland with MAS and from there took a domestic flight to Queenstown). On the way, we stopped at several towns and spent the night(s) at some of the towns as well.

The best thing is that it was a miracle that we are able to experience snow fall at Methven, as June is only the start of the winter season, so we didn't expect that there would be so much snow during our visit. I told hubby that I've played snow many times before but been wanting to experience snow fall so much. Guess what, not only we are able to experience the snow fall there, but it's been snowing heavily through out our journey from Methven to Christchurch! It was really a beautiful sight, Subhan'Allah...

From Christchurch, we took another domestic flight and flew to Auckland. Auckland is very much like Kuala Lumpur or Sydney, with lots of car moving around (and traffic jam :) ) But one good thing about a big city is that there are lots of shops that close late at night! (unlike most shops in the South Island which ended their business by 5pm in the evening, erk).

On the whole, the two weeks vacation was indeed fantastic!

From New Zealand with Love :)

Stunning view of Lake Wakatipu from our apartment

Oh Queenstown is so breathtaking...

Finally I'm able to experience snow fall! It's nothing at all like playing snow on the ground, it's even better!

It's nice to be able to play snow in a town for a change, without having to go to the mountains :)

(More pictures can be found in friendster)

-The End-