Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Johor Bahru, Johor and Singapore (December 2008)

It was actually a last-minute trip. Hubby and his golf buddies wanted to play golf somewhere nice instead of their usual places so hubby suggested why don’t we drive to Johor Bahru and try out the golf course at the Pulai Spring Resort!

Pulai Spring Resort

There are many good things about the Pulai Spring Resort (to know more about it you can check out their website and see for yourself what they have to offer We’ve been to this place twice and so far we’ve not been disappointed :)

View from our room.

However, the funny thing was hubby end up didn’t able to test out the golf course after all, he he. Actually since we wanted to go to JB, my MIL thought of asking us to drop her off at Singapore. One of her daughter + family is staying there. The traffic was bad at the custom complex (is there a moment where the custom complex is not congested? I don’t think so…). We know that we are going to arrive at Pulai Spring Resort very late in the evening so hubby told his golf buddies to proceed without him :( (It’s ok-lah hubby, next time we plan for another golf trip with the gang to JB again, ok?) At night we had a lovely dinner with everybody (ala, the dinner and socializing was so great, totally forgot to take pictures, aiseyman…)

Our 3 days 2 nights stay in JB have been filled in with wandering around shopping complexes, shopping, few games of bowling, hanging out at the Danga Bay, and cocooning in the room while watching dvds (yeah, JB seems to be our fav. holiday destination because there is where we can stock up our dvd collections, at a very cheap price. During this visit alone, we end up buying a collection worth of RM500++, no kidding, :D)

Danga Bay.

After JB, we went to Singapore to stay for a night at my SIL’s house. We heard so much about Singapore’s Night Safari and thought of giving it a try. It was a great experience, nothing compared to what I’ve experienced at Zoo Taiping Night Safari with my colleague, Noris quite a few years back. Probably our night safari lack of fund, support, and bad management, I don’t know but that may be the few things which explains why our version of night safari is not something that people talk about :(.

Hubby with his niece, Kamelia Jane.

Singapore Zoo Night Safari.

Looks like we don't have the chemistry. The wild cat wouldn't even want to look at me, bluh...:D

The two of us.

We also visited the Boat Quay. Well, it was just a short visit to Singapore. However, I would say a very compact and fun one.

Had Indian food for lunch at Khusbu, Boat Quay. The food? Superb!

The superb food I'm talking about.

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